Actin' A Donkey Party Bus


We love to help you, so if you still can't find an answer, no problem, there are a number of ways you can contact us!         
Are we allowed to bring drinks on the bus?                            
Of Course!! It wouldn't be a party bus without the booze. As part of our service we provide champagne glasses, plastic cups, coolers,           
            and 2 complimentary bags of ice to keep your drinks chilled.                            
Do you sell alcohol in case we run out?                           
            The bus is BYOB (bring your own beverages). We are not licensed to sell or distribute alcohol, however                             
as part of our service we provide champagne glasses, plastic cups, coolers, and 2 complimentary bags of ice to keep your drinks chilled.          
Do you allow smoking on the bus?                            
As a courtesy to others who will use the bus before and after your event, we do not allow any smoking (this includes vapes and e-cigs)          
            However for dire situations the Chauffeur will pull over upon request                            
Can I bring food on the bus?                            
Yes, but please refer to our "Fines" section of the Terms and Conditions regarding extensive cleanup of spills, trash, snacks/ food, etc.          
What areas do you service?                           
Please refer to our "Services Page" for the surrounding areas we service. If you do not see your area of preference please give us a           
            call and we can customize a package for you.                            
Are bar & club entrance fees included in your rates?                            
Unfortunately we do not have any partnerships with clubs or bars at the moment, we hope to have this service for you in the near future.          
Therefore our rates do not include any cover charges for bars or clubs. However we can recommend locations that have free entrance or discounted           
            rates for early admission.                            
Can I make personal recommendations for stops?                           
Definitely, however please be cognizant of your reservation time and the travel time required to have you at your final drop-off address.           
            Any time in excess of 15 minutes past your reservation time will be billed at the overtime rate.                            
What are the age requirements for the bus?                           
All ages are welcome, however we strictly enforce State and Federal Laws with a ZERO TOLERANCE compliance policy that no alcoholic           
beverages can be consumed or used by any person under the legal drinking age of 21. ANY use of illegal drugs, alcohol use by minors, or any           
other illegal activity will result in the chauffeur immediately stopping the vehicle and terminating the event with no refunds.           
            (The renter of the contract will be held responsible for any minors in violation of any laws)                            
Are there bathrooms on the buses?                           
            We do not have bathrooms on the bus, as they tend to get messy and smelly for the customers,                             
            however we are more than happy to stop and take potty-breaks as needed.                            
What if I am running late to meet at my pick-up time & location?                           
As a courtesy please call Actin' A Donkey offices, to notify us of your late arrival. Late arrivals will not be supplemented additional ride time.            
            When you phone the office, you are more than welcome to pay for additional ride time (based on availability).                            
What if I need to Cancel or Change my Reservation?                           
Reservation cancellations with less than 7 days notice will be charged the full contract amount. Cancellations made more than 7 days prior to the           
event date will receive a refund for remitted payments exceeding the non-refundable deposit amount. All changes must be received in writing           
at least 3 hours prior to pick-up (changes cannot be made with drivers & are subject to availability). Reductions in the amount of time or vehicle           
size ordered are NOT permitted once an order is confirmed. If a change cannot be accommodated & results in a cancellation you will be charged          
             in full for the order.                             
When is my credit card charged?                           
      A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required to block your scheduled time and date on our calendar.           
        The remaining contract value will be charged 24 hours before your event.              
Can I pay in Cash instead of using a credit card?                            
Unfortunately, a credit card will be required to cover the deposit and any potential incidentals. The remaining balance of the contract value may           
then be paid in cash, however the balance is required to be paid in full 24 hours before the event time. Otherwise an additional 10% transaction           
            fee will apply. Gratuity for the Chauffeur may be paid in cash.                            


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